Humiliation fantasies

AKA: Why I Identify With Moles.

TW: description of humiliating scenarios – but there’s also a cute animal picture, so maybe that makes up for it?

Has anyone else ever dealt with an abuser who had elaborate humiliation fantasies about you? Has your abuser ever attempted to humiliate or embarrass you? Did they ever succeed?

Mine did.

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An analysis of the victim mentality

TW: Systemic racism

I typically don’t give a lot of credence to Buzzfeed articles, but I read one recently from earlier in 2017 about Taylor Swift and how she’s built her career and capitalized on playing the victim.

A quick note: this entry talks about “victims” rather than victims. “Victims” are people who are never wrong but always wronged; it’s a persona that someone cultivates to avoid being held accountable for anything. Victims, on the other hand, have been truly wronged and deserve to be believed.

Sometimes, unfortunately, it’s hard to tell the difference. At least at first.

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