***I am not a professional psychologist or in any way trained or licensed to provide therapy. I can’t counsel you or provide any sort of therapeutic insight.***

What I am is a child abuse and domestic partner abuse survivor who is a research methodologist/analyst and a PhD candidate who works with and studies statistics, research design, and data analysis.

I’m a mixed methods researcher, which means I read and interpret quantitative, or numerical, data, as well as qualitative data, which is non-numerical. Non-numerical includes things like text, interviews, videos, even photographs to some extent are all the sorts of things I specialize in analyzing. I particularly specialize in qualitative data.

Basically, all of this means I specialize in understanding and analyzing narratives and I’m really, really good at doing research.

This site is a passion project. I’ve found a lot of solace in various online forums and blogs over the years as I’ve worked through the impact that abuse has had in my life, and want to continue that journey by creating a space to provide resources for abuse survivors (and those who support them) and continued analysis of studies, advice, resources, and stories. I also suspect my dissertation might deal with abuse survivors in some way.

Things do get better. It takes time, and it’s not easy. But I promise you, if you’re at a point where you’re feeling like there’s no way things will ever improve…they will. It may require perseverance. It may require doing things that scare you. It may require allowing things to get worse before they get better. But ‘better’ is a possibility. ‘Better’ is achievable.


For the sake of as much transparency as I can offer, I am a married white female in my late 30s who lives in the United States.

This blog is…

  • Feminist
  • Supportive of people of color in general and the BlackLivesMatter movement
  • Supportive of the LGBTQ community (including intersex and ace people)
  • Non-religious
  • Anti-violence

I will answer reasonable questions and engage in reasonable dialogue with people who are already aware of these issues and social justice movements. I will not justify, argue, defend, or explain my position on any one of these things just because someone challenges me. I will not do your research for you, I am not obligated to debate with you, and I am not responsible for educating you.

If you have any questions about any of the bullet points above, please click here.