Abuse at the hands of society

TW: racism, white nationalism, US politics

Abuse isn’t just something that happens on a personal level – it can also happen on a widespread level as well. Such as what those of us in the United States are living with right now.

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Disappearing as a manipulation tactic

TW: self-serving behavior, rug sweeping, victim-blaming

I just disappeared for nearly a month, so…I thought a post about disappearing might be an appropriate re-entry.

I linger around a forum on Reddit where people talk about difficulties they have with family members. In the comments section of one post, a really interesting conversation happened about a different sort of disappearing act, which I offer as a companion to the post I wrote previously about how some abusers temporarily (and strategically) withdraw from relationships when things don’t go their way.

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The story of a Christian ex-bully

TW: bullying tactics

I was in college in the years directly following the publishing of a book called I Kissed Dating Goodbye, which pushes courtship and purity culture. I tried to read it out of curiosity once, but just couldn’t stomach it.┬áMy roommate, however, embraced its message to the extreme.

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How do you deal with triggers?

TW: discussion of triggering events, what it means to be triggered

When you have abuse in your past, you usually end up having triggers. Some of them are known and pretty obvious, but sometimes you can be surprised by what triggers you. I recently found myself triggered by the mention of a children’s book.

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Humiliation fantasies

AKA: Why I Identify With Moles.

TW: description of humiliating scenarios – but there’s also a cute animal picture, so maybe that makes up for it?

Has anyone else ever dealt with an abuser who had elaborate humiliation fantasies about you? Has your abuser ever attempted to humiliate or embarrass you? Did they ever succeed?

Mine did.

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