Disappearing as a manipulation tactic

TW: self-serving behavior, rug sweeping, victim-blaming

I just disappeared for nearly a month, so…I thought a post about disappearing might be an appropriate re-entry.

I linger around a forum on Reddit where people talk about difficulties they have with family members. In the comments section of one post, a really interesting conversation happened about a different sort of disappearing act, which I offer as a companion to the post I wrote previously about how some abusers temporarily (and strategically) withdraw from relationships when things don’t go their way.

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The disappearing act

TW: manipulation, abandonment, neglect, silent treatment; unwilling participation in sexual activity

One of the things that some abusers and many manipulative people like to do is disappear for calculated lengths of time. I’ve had this happen to me, and I’ve seen this happen to others. Here’s my dissection of that particular habit…

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